App in a Day Workshop with Deutsche Bank

Nov 18, 2021
Our Work

On the 4th November, we held an App in Day workshop at Park View school in Haringey, with some fantastic support from Deutsche Bank’s employees.

Having delivered sessions remotely over lockdown, we were thrilled to be able to run this as an in-person session with volunteers from Deutsche Bank joining us to provide expert guidance to students on their product ideas.

The students worked in teams to come up with an app which solved an issue they care about. We saw a great range of solutions, ranging from an app to support mental wellbeing through gamification and an educational app which uses rewards to encourage users to learn more.

After coming up with their ideas, the students then designed their app using online software and pitched their product idea to the industry experts for feedback.

Throughout the day, students showed a great level of engagement. Here’s what they had to say of their experience:

"I learned that designing apps includes a lot more thought and problem-solving skills than I thought."

"I learned about how people make apps and all the hard work it takes, I personally loved today."

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