We're a small team, driven to nurture young problem solvers

Who we are

Our team

With offices based in Shoreditch in Central London, we are a small team with a start-up mindset. Whilst our ambition is great and we now have team members working remotely across the UK, Europe and the US, we remain a close-knit, friendly and energetic team who all believe passionately in our mission and values.

Here to help

We pride ourselves in being a small but effective team; all of the things that happen behind the scenes at Apps for Good are hand cranked by us, with the support of our amazing partners. For instance, all of our course materials have been written by our in-house Content Manager Donna, a former teacher herself, with advisors from our Expert community.

We are a friendly and approachable group, and should you ever need to get in touch - we are happy to help! We have dedicated members of staff to support each of our communities:


Get in touch with Tayler: education@appsforgood.org


Contact our partnerships team: partnerships@appsforgood.org


Get in touch with Freddie: experts@appsforgood.org

Our story

Getting started

Our CEO Iris Lapinski founded Apps for Good with the vision of growing the talent pipeline in technology. Iris was driven to do this because she is an example herself of the ‘leaky pipeline’ problem; she pursued STEM subjects with great interest as a teen but eventually dropped out of her university level electronics engineering degree, where her passions were discouraged.

The idea

Iris would have never worked on Apps for Good if she had not met Rodrigo Baggio and Mauricio Davila from Recode who were looking to bring the successful model of empowering citizens through technology from Brazil to the UK. Both Rodrigo and Mauricio worked with Iris to bring this spirit of social change and digital empowerment into Apps for Good and were key in getting the first two funders of Apps for Good: Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Dell.


At its start in 2010, Apps for Good was delivered in just one school and one community centre in London, with a focus on using mobile apps - as they were emerging technology at the time. Thanks to the effort and passion of many people - with special thanks to Debbie Forster and Luisa Gockel - as well as key changes in education policy Apps for Good did not stay that small.


Fast forward to today, and we’ve reached 130,000 students in over 1,100 schools worldwide. We've now widened our focus on empowering young people to problem solve using not only apps, but Internet of Things and machine learning through our latest emerging technology courses.