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Reach & Diversity 2020/21

We believe technology should be an enabler for all, rather than reinforcing existing barriers. Our inclusive courses provide all students with the skills and knowledge they need in an ever-changing world. 2020/21 Reach Infographic

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Luton sometimes receives very undeserved negative press coverage. It's been wonderful to have an inspirational programme that proves to all of our pupils, regardless of age or ability, that they can achieve whatever they want, as long as they believe it.”

Person – Emma Darcy

Emma Darcy, Director Of Technology For Learning at The Chiltern Learning Trust, Denbigh High School in Luton, England

Skill Improvement 2020/21

We teach more than coding. We are giving young people the skills and confidence they need to thrive, by using new technologies to create problem solving products that they care about. 2020/21 Skills Infographic

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Apps for Good is not just about tech, it’s about confidence. I have a better attitude to my ideas now, and I'm much better at talking in front of people. I was really shy when I started, I'm much more likely now to give things a go and see what happens.”

Person – Holly

Holly, former student from Hull in England

Career Interest 2020/21

After completing our courses students are more interested in working in the technology sector or starting their own business. Through our content and industry links students can see the variety of jobs available and how it applies to their interests. ilka AFO 19-20 Career Footer copy

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“A lot of my students have gone on to choose careers in digital simply because of where things started with Apps for Good."”

Person – Chris Aitken

Chris Aitken, Computing Science Teacher at Wick High School in Caithness, Scotland

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