Impactful skills based volunteering, remote and in-person

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Three volunteering offers:

We offer three different ways to get involved in volunteering here at Apps for Good, with three different levels of impact at three different levels of commitment.

Feedback Tool

Small Commitment: Good Impact

Allows students on our courses to submit their work to our platform so that volunteers can give feedback on their ideas.

  • Our most flexible offer
  • See our students work
  • Make a difference in as little as five minutes
  • Use your expertise
  • Vetted for safeguarding end-to-end

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Expert Sessions

Medium Commitment: Big Impact

Allows volunteers to video conference into lessons and provide face to face support to students.

  • Build rapport face to face
  • See student presentations
  • Impact an entire classroom
  • Easy sign up
  • Skills based volunteering in 45 minutes

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Supported Courses

High Commitment: Huge Impact

Our day-long Supported Courses are supported by industry volunteers remotely and in-person.

  • 5-6 hour day-long workshops
  • In person or remote
  • Collaborate with students
  • See the entire AFG process in action
  • Use your skills to make a memorable impact

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What we're looking for

  • You don’t need to be ‘techie’ - so long as you have an understanding of how your expertise supports new product development
  • Ideally, you have some professional experience, but you don't need to be senior
  • You can volunteer once per year or once per week – it’s up to you
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