Core Courses

What will you deliver this term? Innovate for Climate Change or App for Social Action?

Our FREE computing courses give your students the skills to shape their future with technology by designing and coding an app that solves a real-world problem - all within one school term.

All our courses encourage independent thinking around issues young people care about.

Intro to Computing

The perfect introduction to computing for all KS3/S1-3 students

Accessible Resources

Accessible learning resources designed to inspire students

Pick up and Deliver

Step-by-step instructions for students and non-specialist teachers

Engage with Industry

Opportunity for engagement and support from Industry Volunteers

Innovate for Climate Change

A 7-session course that supports students in creating a community focused, climate action app.

App for Social Action

A 7-session course that supports students in creating a community focused, social action app.

Legacy Courses

To get the best experience of Apps for Good, we strongly encourage educators to deliver one of our exciting new courses above. While we help you switch to our latest content, the courses below will be available on our website until July 2024.

App Development Standard

This course explores the app development process across 10-12 sessions.

App Development Extended

Over 20 sessions, help your students build app prototypes and delve into enhanced topics like business modelling and user research.

Machine Learning Standard

Explore machine learning with your students over 10-12 sessions to solve a real-world problem they care about.

Design an App in a Day

Deliverable in just one day, this course will give your students an overview of the app design process and enable them to create a non-technical prototype.