App for Social Action Course

Create an app that supports social action

Students work in teams to design and create an app that supports social action over 7 sessions.

Skills development includes:

  • Skills Builder accredited course providing essential skills for students
  • Course also mapped to the computing curriculum providing social action,digital literacy skills and App Lab
  • On-demand teacher training

Mapped to Year 7/S1 curriculums

7 sessions

In class or extracurricular

Basic programming

Curriculum Mapping

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Teacher Training for this course

Apps for Good provides a short online training course that we strongly encourage all educators to complete before delivering the course content. The training will introduce you to the concept of social action as well as the teaching approaches utilised in the course.

Training part 1: Course background

Objective: To help you understand more about this course, so you can explain it to your students.

Training part 2: Preparation

Objective: To walk you through the technical and general set up that needs to be completed in advance of delivering the course.

Training part 3: App Lab, computing & digital tools

Objective: To show you how to set-up your App Lab teacher account and how to use App Lab.

Training part 4: Feedback

Objective: To show you how to collect feedback in order to measure impact.

App for Social Action workbook for students

The digital workbook contains session activities so you can guide student teams through the course.

Course sessions

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App for Social Action course overview

Course resources

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Session 1: Technology for Social Action

Learning Objective: To understand how technology can be utilised for social action

Session 2: Ideation 1

Learning Objective: To understand what social actions a community needs

Session 3: Ideation 2

Learning Objective: To refine ideas for a social action app

Session 4: Expert Engagement

Learning Objective: To present my app idea to an expert

Session 5: App Development 1

Learning Objective: To outline how my prototype social action app will work

Session 6: App Development 2

Learning Objective: To create a user experience in a prototype app

Session 7: Prep for Showcase

Learning Objective: To complete and present my social action app prototype