Innovate for Climate Change Course

A 7-session course that supports students in creating a community focused, climate action app.

Students work in pairs and teams to design and create an app prototype that supports climate action focused on one or more of the five climate action goals.

Key features:

  • eWorkbook for increased student independence
  • Engagement session with Industry Volunteers embedded
  • Course structure includes preparation for our national Showcase event

Skills development includes:

Mapped to UK computing curriculums

7 Sessions

In class or extracurricular

Introductory computing

Teacher training for this course

Apps for Good provides short training videos that we strongly encourage all educators to watch before delivering the course content. The videos will introduce you to our courses and resources and introduce you to App Lab, the programming environment that students will use to create their apps.

Course Introduction:

Introduction to App Lab:

Innovate for Climate Change eWorkbook resources for teachers and students

The eWorkbook allows you, the teacher, to be facilitators of learning so you can guide your students through the course.

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Course sessions

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Learning graph

We have created a learning graph that shows the learning objectives and outcomes for each session.

Course resources

We have made key courses resources to help you deliver the course, including posters for your school.