Welcoming Lamar to the team

Jul 21, 2021

We are really excited to introduce you to Lamar who joined the Apps for Good team as our intern this Spring! We thought we’d give him some space to introduce himself to you and what he’s been up to so far at Apps for Good.

My name is Lamar Jn-Marie. I'm 19 years old. I only finished school in the last academic year and not wanting to go to uni is making it a struggle to figure out where I want my future to take me. From around 16 or 17 onwards I volunteered and worked in the youth sector so because of that I've had some interesting experiences such as snowboarding, ice-skating and camping.

I learned about both the Jack Petchey Foundation and the internship, through working as a part-time trainee youth worker. I was awarded a Jack Petchey Achievement Award, so I had some experience with the Jack Petchey organization. It was then through my boss that I learned about the internship at Apps for Good.

I hadn’t heard about Apps for Good before, I only learned about it after applying for the position. I think the thing that really excited me about Apps for Good is the fact that because I'm so close in age to the young people that they target. When I was at that age at school, there wasn't a lot of opportunities for me to develop some of those key working skills. And even more importantly I didn’t realize how much of an impact I can have on the world.

So I didn’t even take myself seriously, but seeing young people talk about and trying to tackle many problems that they believe in is something that I believe is the best thing about Apps for Good.

This type of role is something I have never done before, I’m much more used to active ones such as running sport sessions in a youth club or sorting items in a warehouse and so I guess I am looking forward to carrying out something that is quite similar to what my other family members do.

I think the thing that I want young people solving is their ability to be taken a bit more seriously. I feel like when you’re younger it’s very hard for outside communities to take young people seriously especially in their later teenage years. So I’m hoping that with them working with Apps for Good they use it as a platform to set themselves up for successful later years.

You can learn more about the Jack Petchey Internship Programme here.