Habibah - How Apps for Good helps you with your career (not just in tech)

Sep 29, 2020
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Bringing in an understanding of ethics and innovation in the field. It really helped with my interviews at various medical schools.”

Habibah joined our 2015 cohort from Denbigh High School, although her team didn’t reach the awards, she volunteered to help out with the awards and App launches and be an advocate for Apps with Good. She used the lessons that she learned about innovation and ethics in technology to apply them to her medical degree.

What was your project?

The app my team and I designed was to create a community of freshers across universities and campuses in the UK. Something that would be really useful to me now as I head into first year. We didn’t make it to the finals of the awards but another team in my school did. When I saw how much fun they were having and the opportunities they were presented with, I applied to be an Apps for Good Fellow.


What did you enjoy the most about the course?

Being introduced to app creation as it was a new concept for me & also to have the opportunity to become a fellow.

What was the biggest thing you took away from Apps for Good?

Everything that came through the fellowship! It was not a regular experience for teenagers where I live - there aren’t many opportunities like this in the corporate and tech field and I was able to travel to go to events at the Olympic Park, News International and all these amazing places. It really helped me become independent, I was able to learn how to plan and travel independently with confidence.

It gave me the opportunity to speak with adults in the industry and meet with other Fellows and like-minded students. I remember being at an event and at the last minute put on a panel and being interviewed about my experience which meant I had to think quickly to answer the questions.


What are you doing now, how has the AfG course impacted that?

I am about to begin my first year as a medical student. While it’s not directly a career in “tech” I talked about how important tech is to medicine in my personal statement. Bringing in an understanding of ethics and innovation in the field. It really helped with my interviews at various medical schools.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about taking part in an Apps for Good course?

Just do it, if you’re worried about how to do it alongside your studies - don’t worry, it’ll give you an opportunity to learn how to maintain internal and external balance. You’ll be able to learn how to prioritise- it’s a brilliant opportunity and beyond the initial programme, you’ll be free to pick what to get involved with and when, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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