5 reasons why your feedback counts!

Mar 14, 2023
Our Work

In any organisation providing a product or service, user feedback is a powerful way to learn about the value you bring, even more so in a purpose-driven organisation like Apps for Good! We’ve outlined 5 reasons why your feedback counts.

1. Acting on our impact

When organisations like ours ask for feedback, it’s not just about improving our products and services. It’s also about managing our impact on you and your students. Impact Management is about understanding the positive and negative impact of our work on the people we seek to serve and then making informed decisions about what needs to change. We can’t manage our impact if we don’t know what students and teachers think about our courses.

2. Keeping it real

Apps for Good courses are 100% free to schools and we want it to stay that way! We’re a charity and it’s thanks to the generous support of our partners that each year, we provide 569 schools and 20,000+ young people with free access to our tech innovation courses. We need to share our impact with current and potential partners, so that they can understand the return on their social investment. Partners appreciate hearing stories about the young people we work with as much as seeing the numbers.

3. Are we nearly there yet?

No! We’ve made great progress, but there’s still a long way to go before every young person has the tech innovation and essential skills to shape their future. Your feedback holds us to account and helps us understand if we’re moving in the right direction towards the world we want to see.

4. Our impact is your impact

We think you’ll agree - learning is a journey. We’ll never stop learning, evolving and iterating our course content to ensure that young people benefit from what Apps for Good has to offer. Apps for Good is part of a wider ecosystem that exists in collaboration with educators, industry partners, volunteers, Government and other non-profit organisations with shared values and a desire to bring the benefits of technology to the innovators of tomorrow. It’s vital we learn together, share as we go and continue to provide innovative new opportunities for young people.

5. Celebrating students

Let’s face it, sometimes young people get a bad rap. But we’re having none of that. Young people are the changemakers of tomorrow and it’s our job to make sure they’re equipped with the skills to change the world for the better. We’re constantly wowed by the innovation and social conscience of Apps for Good students and that’s definitely worth celebrating.

Now you know why your feedback matters, here's how you can share it...

If you’re a teacher who has delivered an Apps for Good course in the past academic year, we’d love to hear from you. The best way is to complete this short feedback form, which we promise only takes a few minutes. If you’d prefer to talk to us directly, please get in touch - education@appsforgood.org