Making an impact in 2023

Jan 09, 2023
Our Work

We’re focused on expanding our reach to benefit even more students across the UK

This year, as we embed our new content framework across our courses, we’ll have a keen eye on encouraging all of our schools to give their students access to the breadth of opportunities that an Apps for Good course provides.

Climate Page - Co-create new projects

We’re excited to continue to grow our reach and impact, roll-out and embed our new content framework across even more of our courses and ensure that more teachers are able to access all of the opportunities and resources that an Apps for Good course can provide.

A new social action course - coming soon!

As young people continue to face the challenges outlined at the beginning of this Report, we know that enabling students to feel empowered to take action on the things they care about is more important than ever and so alongside continuing to grow our Innovate for Climate Change course, we’re also really excited to be fully launch our App for Social Action course in 2022/23. This course will enable students to create an app that takes social action, framed around the UN Sustainability Goals as well as challenges they face in their own communities and lives. As with Innovate for Climate Change, this course utilises the Skills Builder framework, has online teacher training to support delivery and is mapped to all 4 UK nations curriculums. The course will also showcase our new Ideation Toolkit; a set of industry inspired activities that help young people think of innovative ways to solve problems using technology. We hope to see this toolkit rolled out across all courses and become an indispensable tool for teachers and students in the coming years.

More opportunities to showcase and engage with industry

As we continue to create new innovative and updated content, in 2022/23 we also want to ensure that as many students and teachers as possible benefit from the opportunities on offer through our resources. With both our Innovate for Climate Change and App for Social Action courses, industry engagement will continue to be embedded at key points in the course to support students and bring industry professionals into the classroom. More of our courses will have Expert sessions embedded into the courses and the creation of new lesson plans and resources will help to support delivery. The end of all new courses will also feature a lesson dedicated to Showcase, so we can build in time and support for even more student teams to take part. This will mean that in 2022/23 even more students will have access to personalised written feedback from up to five industry Experts and gain the opportunity to present to an Apps for Good corporate partner as well as be Showcased on our website.

Reaching disadvantaged schools across the UK

All of this will enable us to see meaningful growth across the UK’s four nations next year, with the course becoming more embedded within Multi Academy Trusts in England, a fully translated Welsh course being delivered to more schools in Wales and continued growth in Scotland as a priority. School visits and education partnerships will also be an increasingly important focus, as we continue to grow, by making sure we build relationships with schools and embed our courses.

Finally, we will be ensuring that our success in reaching schools in challenging circumstances this year can be used as a foundation to do even more in 2022/23, when we aim to reach more teachers and students in schools, where student driven learning, industry engagement and the opportunity to develop tech and essential skills can have the greatest impact on young people across the UK.