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Training, Prep & Support

Course Framework Options:

Mini Course Framework
Full Course Framework
Time to deliver
10-12 contact hours
Approx. 30 contact hours
(opportunities to extend and enrich)
Training and Prep
Less prep required.
Access to online CPD
More prep required.
Access to online CPD
Two specific requests
Unlimited requests
Apps for Good Awards
Eligible for entry but may need additional work
Eligible for entry
Focus of app ideas
Recommend community focus
Any problem
(except purely profit or game)
Limited within core.
2 hour extension activities available
Prototyping throughout
Tried and tested
Limited pilot phase for 14/15 delivery.
Open to all partners in 15/16
Currently delivered by 400+ institutions
Curriculum mapping
Could be delivered alongside other course materials
Mapped to curriculum
Delivery Flexibility
Structured sessions
(light touch adaptation)
Completely flexible delivery
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