Q & A with an Apps for Good Industry Expert Volunteer

May 25, 2023
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This Volunteers’ Week we sat down with Fabiana Guglielmi, the Senior Designer at OVO Energy. Fabiana works on design across all media for the OVO brand including UX and UI projects. She’s also one of our amazing industry expert volunteers, giving students the opportunity to practise their new skills in a real-life environment, while inspiring them to pursue careers in technology. We sat down together to talk about all things volunteering, and why anyone thinking about offering their time, should go for it!

What initially drew you to volunteer with Apps for Good ?

I really like interacting with younger people and giving something back. It's nice to know something, have the experience and pass it on to the new generations, because they're great, they have so many good ideas. Some of the students are incredibly talented, and they are as young as 10! They are a step ahead, compared to some professionals that are much older than them!

I find it really fun because the students can interact with me, and I can actually give them some useful advice. Maybe give them some ideas and start addressing some of their curiosity. And so far I have really enjoyed it.

Are there any particular student ideas that have really stuck out to you from the sessions you have delivered?

There was a group of girls and their idea was brilliant. It was about an app that would study your skin tone, and give you advice on makeup, according to your skin tone, your race, your ethnicity. And I thought that that was really clever, because, incidentally, recently I saw something that L'Oreal has done. They're working with augmented reality on something very similar. And I thought, wow it is incredible that these girls can think of that and L'Oreal is doing it on a large scale globally. That's such a good idea. They just stood out to me, because they were very intelligent, really switched on. They really had a genuinely good idea.

How does volunteering with Apps for Good make you feel?

I feel it is really rewarding, particularly when kids ask you questions and are curious about what you do. Even just that is really flattering for me, because I’ve always had my head down and just worked really hard. The students themselves really make you feel like you're doing something valuable. And they're really excited about sharing ideas with you.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about signing up as an Apps for Good Industry Expert volunteer?

I'd say do it and get involved. It's really fun. The session flies by in 45 minutes to an hour. Nothing in our time. I know we are all very busy, but I think we all can take 45 minutes out of the day and know you're just doing something for good. I think it just makes you feel better about yourself.

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OVO Foundation is supporting Apps for Good to deliver the Innovate for Climate Change course, which sees students create an app that aims to act on climate change. This new solutions focused technology course educates young people about the climate crisis, enables them to take action and prepares them for green jobs of the future.