Partnering with the PA Foundation

Nov 28, 2023
Dunoon grammar school 19-11-21 - IMG_0404.jpg

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with The PA Foundation. The PA Foundation seek to expand access to quality education, skills, and careers – particularly in STEM-related fields – and work to address the underlying barriers holding people from disadvantaged backgrounds back. That's why they are supporting our exciting new AI focused course, coming in 2024.

AI for Good will offer students an understanding of AI and how it can be used for social good; dispelling some of the myths and nervousness around the future of AI in society. The course specifically introduces learners to apps focusing on access, inclusion, good health and well-being and, subsequently, guides them through our Youth Ideation Toolkit to develop their own prototype app within a team. This approach is unique as it emphasises the importance of making well-informed choices about how AI works, when to use AI and what work opportunities there are in this fast-expanding field. As with all our courses, students will have the opportunity for engagement and support from Industry Volunteers who provide feedback on student's ideas and share their experiences to inspire young people to pursue careers in the digital economy.

Our free computing courses give students the skills to shape their future with technology by designing and coding an app that solves a real-world problem - all within one school term. Our AI for Good course will pilot in early 2024, while our popular Innovate for Climate Change and App for Social Action courses are available for teachers to download now.

Thank you to The PA Foundation for supporting us to give young people the skills to shape their futures.