Envirocache 6 years on

Jul 20, 2021
Our Work

We caught up with the Envirocache team. The app came out of Wick High School in 2015 and now it’s finding its feet in 2021 and is now part of a growing team of young app creators. We asked the team to tell us their plans.

Since taking part in Apps for Good in 2015, Envirocache has remained a big part of our lives. Even now, 6 years later, our drive and ambition to share Envirocache with the world is as strong as ever, and whilst progress may have been slow up until now, we’ve always been working away at making our dream a reality.

Unsurprisingly, a lot has happened since the idea for Envirocache was first created. All of the team are entering the latter stages of their University degrees, with Mari-Ann studying Primary Teaching and myself (Ellora) and our newest team member, Jamie, studying Ethical Hacking.

For the last couple of years, in between our studies, we’ve been working behind the scenes to try and develop our prototype of the app even further, so we can officially release it. Of course, that’s not as simple as it sounds, and there have been a fair few hurdles along the way. Fortunately though, in my time at University, I’ve been able to learn the skills necessary to develop a mobile app, and so I’ve officially taken over the development work of Envirocache which will not only save us money but also give us full creative control throughout the entire process.

Being a small team of three, balancing our studies, jobs and Envirocache hasn’t always been easy. But we’ve made progress nonetheless, and now that the app is starting to take shape, we’ve never been more excited to share Envirocache with you all.

We’ve got a lot of short and long term goals when it comes to the app and Envirocache as a brand. Behind the scenes, we’ll be working on developing the app itself, and we’ll also be relaunching our socials soon, to share our development journey with everyone.

The main goal is, of course, to launch the app and develop a diverse community of Envirocachers, which we are hoping to achieve through partnerships with schools, councils, charities and local communities. Whilst the app is primarily targeted at children, we truly believe people of all ages will enjoy using Envirocache. We all know the mental and physical health benefits going outside and experiencing nature can have on people of all ages, and we’d love Envirocache to be a part of helping people discover these benefits.

Long term, our dream is to see Envirocache playing an active role throughout local communities, and develop our own global community of Envirocachers. We’d even love to one day hold in-person Envirocache events, and maybe we’ll even make t-shirts!

We may still have a long road ahead of us, but we’ve never stopped dreaming about what could be possible with Envirocache. We’d love to take this opportunity to thank Apps for Good for not only creating a course that led to the creation of Envirocache but for continuing to support us all these years later.