Apps for Good Awards Winners Announcement 2020

Jun 26, 2020

Digital Explorers - Supported by The LEGO Group

WINNERS: ThinkAgain created by Aeysha and Sumaya aged 12 from Denbigh High School in England. Support for families impacted by childhood dementia.

42,325 children have Dementia in the UK. Not many people know that children can have Dementia too - it is not just for elderly people. Forgetting things, struggling with thinking and learning are some of the horrible symptoms that these children face. Our app will help relieve them from their worries and give them a brighter future.

AFGA20 webBoard-Tracc ThinkAgain

Future Technologists - Supported by BNY Mellon

WINNERS: epiCpen - a Smart EpiPen that tracks usage and sends alerts, created by Jaydon, James, Ross and Ruaridh aged 12-13 from Dunoon Grammar School in Scotland.

epiCpen is an IoT device that will save lives! The number of people admitted to hospital with anaphylactic shock has risen year on year for the past five years (BBC). This is a growing problem that epiCpen can help with. People will get the emergency care they need and loved ones will have peace of mind too.

AFGA20 webBoard-Tracc EpicPen

Founders & Leaders - Supported by Eight Roads

WINNERS: AI Noise Sensor - to improve noise pollution management at noise sensitive sites. Created by: Ryan, aged 15 from City of London School in England.

Noise pollution is a silent (ironically) threat that causes mental and physical health problems. My AI product will help the general public and environmental managers identify sources of noise, and hence tackle the problem at its origin.

AFGA20 webBoard-Tracc AI Noise sensor

Community Heroes - Supported by Vodafone

WINNERS: INeed Recipes is a healthy and affordable recipe guide for your family created by Elvis, Harith, Moeez, Abyan and Zane, aged 12 from Denbigh High School in England.

Our app helps those who do not have access to much food to still have healthy meals. Low income families can often struggle to produce meals that are tasty and nutritious and we want everyone to be able to eat well.

AFGA20 webBoard-Tracc Ineed Recpes

Global Innovators - Supported by Spotify

WINNERS: Space bubble - Helping teens cope with mental health issues - created by Emily aged 17 from Bridgwater & Taunton College in England.

I believe when it comes to mental health it's hard to speak your mind in how you are really feeling and then you end up not saying anything to help yourself. I believe that a tiny app can even make a difference to someone's health to get better. I wanted to develop an app from someone who experiences mental health everyday to try and help others to get better.

AFGA20 webBoard-Tracc Space Bubble

AND the People’s Choice Award supported by Marsh goes to…

Sandspace created by Nuno, Brito, Diogo and Bruno aged 17-18 from Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Serafim Leite in Portugal, it helps you find the quietest beaches in a socially-distanced world

At first, the idea was to prevent beaches from closing and to spread their occupation along the coastline. But rapidly, it became much more, being a great tool in fighting the pandemic, assuring a comfortable day with free space for your sun umbrella. It has a big impact on people's health – both physical and mental – which are so important during this difficult context. We believe that the benefits provided by the usage of this app will be long-term, because it allows people to go to the beach in a safe way, either during a pandemic period or even all year long, thanks to the danger alerts.

AFGA20 webBoard-Tracc SandSpace SandSpace

As you can tell the calibre was extremely high this year, with young people creating solutions to problems that they are hugely passionate about. Well done everyone who took part this year, and huge congratulations to this year’s winners.

The awards event is usually time spent with the students and teachers getting some wonderful feedback and hearing the little stories of how the tech products came together. We’d still love to hear that from you all, so please tweet or email us and we look forward to seeing what you all do next year!