Apps for Good recognised for their spirit of exploration and adventure

Nov 17, 2020
strait of magellan.png

We were thrilled to be contacted by the foundation Image of Chile to let us know that we had been awarded the Strait of Magellan Award to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan’s world-changing journey.

On this epic expedition, which resulted in the first circumnavigation of the world, Magellan and his crew discovered a path through South America which connected the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for the first time.

Apps for Good is joining a group of 54 international awardees that embody Magellan’s legacy of connection and innovation, in fields as diverse as medicine, astronomy, tech and education.

“With this award, Chile wishes to recognise the innovative force of that journey, the passion for exploration and the vocation for connecting with others at a global level.”, said H.E. David Gallagher, Ambassador of Chile in the UK. “Similar to Magellan’s journey, Apps for Good also represents a call to discover, connect globally and innovate, by teaching and encouraging problem solving, creativity and teamwork skills among young people through the use of technologies.”

The Embassy of Chile and Image of Chile hosted a virtual ceremony to present this award on the 10th of November.