Support for families impacted by childhood dementia

About ThinkAgain

ThinkAgain was created by Aeysha and Sumaya, both aged 12, from Denbigh High School in England.

The app is designed to help your child with daily tasks, find support and raise awareness for the disease.

How did you come up with the idea for ThinkAgain?

We researched many different conditions, and found Dementia. We learnt that there were many symptoms, the most common was memory loss. Since we are children, imagining that you can forget your childhood memories, your friends, family and your own name are experiences that no child should go through.

How did you go about developing the solution?

To help the children remember, we thought we could use colourful notifications which are scientifically proven to aid memory. A memory game for children lets them have fun and also improves memory. Having Dementia can be scary, so we designed a wellbeing mode to help them with their worries and stop them feeling alone.

How does ThinkAgain work?

You can add reminders to help the children remember important things and track progress, play memory games and there is a wellbeing mode so that they can learn about Dementia, go to the website to help with their worries and raise money to help other children like them to become Dementia Heroes (if they want). If a child can't read, an adult can help them use the app.

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Why should your product win its category and why should people vote for you in the People’s Choice Award?

42,325 children have Dementia in the UK. Not many people know that children can have Dementia too - it is not just for elderly people. Forgetting things, struggling with thinking and learning are some of the horrible symptoms that these children face. Choosing our app will help relieve them from their worries and give them a brighter future.

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