10 Years of Apps for Good

Growing the confidence of hundreds of thousands of students

First of all - Thank you!

We don’t often get the chance to reflect on the work that we do, we are a small team and always moving to help support teachers to deliver the best in technology education.

This year we’re taking the opportunity to look back at some of our favourite stories and celebrate all the people that have come together to help us on our mission.

From the teachers delivering our courses, the students who have gone on to do so many incredible things and the industry experts that have given their guidance and support across the years.

Now more than ever, we need to help our young people thrive and support our teachers and schools to make this happen. Here’s to the next 200,000 students!

A Decade of Impact

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Case Studies - Students, Teachers and Schools

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with students and teachers who have not only delivered or taken our courses but also have helped inform and develop our work in return. Here are just some of the people we’ve met over the years.

Ellora - Student

Ellora took part in Apps for Good in 2015. She talked to us about how her experience has shaped her choices at university and gave her a deeper understanding of technology.


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Chris Aitken - Educator

We talked with Chris about his experience of 6 years of delivering Apps for Good. The impact it had on his students and the benefits it had on the school as a whole.

Chris Aitken

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Habibah - Student

Habibah talked with us about the opportunities Apps for Good provided her and her classmates. Building independence, growing confidence and access to new networks.


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Case Studies - Experts & Partners

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been supported by scores of industry volunteers via our Expert Community. They support teachers and schools with their courses, help shortlist for the awards and provide invaluable experience of tech in the real world. Our corporate partners support us through funding, providing expertise, and giving a glimpse of real-life careers to our students.

Kraig Brown - Partner

Digital Xtra Fund’s Partnerships and Development Manager talked about our shared goals for inspiring young people to create with technology.

Kraig Brown

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Bob Schukai - Expert

We talked with our longest-running Expert on the impact that Apps for Good and his work with us has had on him and his optimism for the future.

Bob Schukai

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Sian Allsop - Expert

Morgan Stanley’s Sian Allsopp talked with us about the importance of diversity and the impact that Apps for Good has had on her way of working.

Sian Allsop

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To the next 200,000 students!

We are hosting a month-long celebration of everyone involved in Apps for Good over on our blog. Want to help us reach more young people? Get in touch at contact@appsforgood.org we’d love to hear from you.