Learn to read whilst unlocking the next phase of a game

About Slides

Slides was created by Ellie, aged 13 from Lyng Hall School.

The app encourages you to learn to read by unlocking the next stage of a game every time you progress.

What is your product and who is it for?

My product is for anyone who would like to learn by reading various books and games it is for both children and adults.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

What inspired me to create this app is many people who love reading and want to play games or just want to switch their homework for apps. It is important to me because I love to read. It’s like this feeling when you start and you don’t want to stop because it’s so intriguing to the human eye and brain.

How does your product solve the problem?

My app works by there being a menu button once you open the app and then a list appears. Once you press the home button the list will automatically show. There are various buttons for what you want like menu, settings,reading section, gaming, cards,points, leaderboard and a few more. It works because the more you read the more points you gain and this is the same for the gaming past as well. Both of these are very vital to collect, trade and battle various characters/cards.

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Why should your product win its category and why should people vote for you in the People’s Choice Award?

I would like to be picked because this app would help people of all ages and will get others to start to like learning and gaming yet know that when they learn they can have fun. Men,Women,Non-Binary and others could vote for me since I would like this opportunity to develop this app for the public and for communities.

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