Motivating young people to live healthy lifestyles

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Students aged 12-13 from Philomena’s Catholic High School For Girls.

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What is your product and who is it for?

Our product is a fitness app targeted for young children so that they can find passion and love for physical activity. Through our app they can participate in a variety of activities from daily workouts to recipes, to daily reminders. It helps children find different methods to take care of their health.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

The idea for the app came from people in our school disliking physical education for reasons such as it's boring or unpleasant teachers, this with the added research from the course made us more alarmed of how big this problem is in society and we committed to aid young children and their health.

We want children to be inspired by using our app to maintain their physical fitness and healthy eating. We want them to find a love for it!

A concerning problem is people body shaming themselves and not many apps are trying to solve this.

In our own lives, we sometimes find it hard to get out of the house for a jog or a walk so we want to incorporate the values of Youth, Accuracy, Balance and Unity in our lives which is what YABU stands for.

How does your product solve the problem?

Our product solves the problem that a large quantity of young children are not being active enough, which could lead to lots of medical issues and we hated the idea of people suffering because of their health so we created an app for young children to get more active in fun and accessible ways.

Our app aims to aid children who need help with boosting their amount of daily physical exercise, healthy eating, and a good lifestyle overall. Children may have a lack of resources or lack of motivation and our app comes to the rescue to solve this social issue.

Our app helps our users by providing them with lots of features and so our app is very robust with lots of motivation and fun interactive activities that are all great recommendations. Our app ensures that all problems have been solved and the user is fulfilled with the overall app experience!

How does it work?

Our app has lots of engaging and beneficial activities for young children; Engaging because this is a major reason for children being inactive. Beneficial because this boosts the levels of physical health of many people which is our main goal. Activities range from learning sessions to a nutrition scan!

Databases could be used for regularly updating any services. We also have our own app hardware which is the YABU Watch which has more advanced features to track more data such as the number of steps and number of hours of sleep.

The key two features of our app are our workout session and the nutritional scanner. Our workout sessions have levels to upgrade to with increasing difficulty that are very interactive and our nutritional scanner can scan any barcode that tells you if it's healthy with any allergies.

Why vote for YABU?

Our app has user-friendly activities, that makes us stand out from our competitors. Secondly, we have extended our app by thinking about Premium and also having our own merchandise: the YABU Watch, which has more advanced features that upgrade from the already existing features in the app.

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