Pure Cycle

Making sense of plastic chaos through competitive game play

Pure Cycle is brought to you by...

Ocean, Rose, Taniya, Diya, all age 14 from Daubeney Academy.

Tell us more!

What is your product and who is it for?

Pure cycle was created to help the community fully understand how to recycle materials properly; being for young adults from the age of 13-23 to implement good habits that they can pass onto future generations.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

Our app was inspired through the fact that there's an island, 3 times the size of France, in the pacific ocean purely made of 'floating plastic'. Imagine how many creatures will have lost their lives to this? How much plastic we eat a day? When will this end? No one knows, so we are taking a stand.

How does your product solve the problem?

Our product helps implement good habits in near enough all generations; giving those to come a better future than we may have. Showing recyclable clothing, sustainable cars as well as recycling areas. Creating a better environment for everyone.

How does it work?

Users compete on a scoreboard with their recycle points. Users earn points by scanning the materials before they recycle them. The avatars of users will upgrade with the points they earn and they can create sustainable vouchers or donate to charity. There is also a learning and quiz section to reduce ignorance.

Our app helps you to locate places - electric car dealerships, recycling places, sustainable clothing shops though a GPS function.

You can gain XP when you pick up litter and put it into a recycling bin by using a barcode/photographic evidence.

You can compete to get onto a national or community leaderboard and be rewarded with a free upgrade/extra XP.

Quizzes and lessons show users why they should recycle and which bins to use for each material. Small quizzes will test your knowledge and gain you more XP.

Meet the team

Why vote for Pure Cycle?

Honestly, people should vote for a team that has the potential for a positive impact on the future, if that's us then vote for us. What we want is a better world and so many people can help by voting for us, in turn having a choice and a voice in what happens in our world.

We were really shocked to find out there’s an island in the Pacific Ocean the size of Wales made of plastic and the problem isn’t being solved. Our app gives people the opportunity to invest in future generations and bring families and communities together to rid our planet of plastic waste. We have made solving this huge problem fun by gamifying the solution.

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