Reducing Co2 and energy costs while donating to help others

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Fatima and Aamna age 13, and Samar and Humaira age 12, from Lea Manor High School.

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What is your product and who is it for?

Our product aims to cut the cost of electricity and heating bills, making inflation easier to tackle for those paying bills whilst also reducing the amount of C02 in the atmosphere and thereby reducing the effects of climate change.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

After the pandemic, inflation was on the rise, and we saw our families and communities struggle to stay financially stable. When we were presented with the task to produce an app to combat climate change, we realised we could kill two birds with one stone and set out to create an app that could help people lower the cost of their bills and their carbon emissions.

How does your product solve the problem?

Our product reduces the cost of electricity and heating bills by allowing people to turn off any Wi-Fi enabled appliances from anywhere in the world, and sending out a notification to their devices when an appliance has been on for too long or the budget for their bills is being or is close to being exceeded.

How does it work?

Powercut is an app that lets you control Wi-Fi enabled electronic appliances from anywhere in the world, with features like motion sensor enabled lighting and bill budgeting. It has a leader board and an option to donate to those in need, and sends notifications to tell you if your budget is being exceeded or if a light has been on for too long.


Our app enables users to track your energy usage. When you turn on your lights, you will get a notification to ask whether or not you are still in the room, 3-4 hours later (this can be changed).

Another feature helps you budget. If the budget you can put into electricity bills is exceeded, an alert will be sent to your device as a warning. This also applies to heating too.

Furthermore, there is the leader board which ranks you based on the percentage of your income that you have saved and amount of CO2 reduced.

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Why vote for Powercut?

We have poured our knowledge and dedication into this project and would love for our app to win so we can take it further than an idea and prototype and really use it to help people struggling against inflation. We also think our app will be a formidable ally against climate change.

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