Pollen Pal

Enabling young climate activists to care for pollinators

Pollen Pal is brought to you by...

Ruthie (12) from Speyside High School.

Tell us more!

What is your product and who is it for?

Pollen Pal allows young people and families to use their camera to scan and learn about plants, and to learn and test their knowledge about pollinators and how important they are for the environment. Each time they scan a plant, they get to add a new virtual pet pollinator, or ‘Pollen Pal’ to their ‘hive’.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

At school we have a class called ‘Global Goals’ which is all about the Sustainable Development Goals. In this class I learnt all about the role of pollinators in the environment and the current worries there are around the insect and pollinator population.

How does your product solve the problem?

It will encourage young people and families to go out, and take interest in their local environment. Children will learn about the local wildlife and the role that pollinators play in the eco-system. It will inspire young people and families to see what they can do to support the pollinator population, such as planting wild flowers.

How does it work?

The camera will be used to scan an image of a plant, this will be recognised using Artificial Intelligence. Every time you scan a new plant you get a new virtual character pollinator which is added to your ‘hive’, which is where all your pollinators live. A Pollen Pal from your hive can be selected which will tell you about each plant you have scanned. The app will also include quizzes which will test your knowledge about pollinators.

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Why vote for Pollen Pal?

People should vote for Pollen Pal as it is an app that could make a difference in the world. Young people will be inspired to collect Pollen Pals in their 'hive', which will in turn lead to them being outside more, engaging with wild life and being healthier, as they are out walking. I believe that the app will make a difference to young people’s lives and could help the declining population of pollinators.

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