Personal Assistant for Dementia (PAD)

Enabling independence for people with early stage dementia

Personal Assistant for Dementia (PAD) is brought to you by...

Catherine (18) and William (17).

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What is your product and who is it for?

Our product is a personal assistant for dementia app (PAD) to improve the quality of life and independence for individuals with early stage dementia.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

We spent time caring and empathised with family friends with dementia. We understood their daily challenges, frustrations and needs. One of their greatest frustrations was their loss of independence and reliance on family or carers, as a result of declining memory. We ideated and mapped solutions on our app to overcome these difficulties. Our project could make a huge difference to individuals with early stage dementia, improving their quality of life, reducing care costs and enabling them to remain independent in their own homes for the longest time possible.

How does your product solve the problem?

Our product solves many of the daily challenges of individuals with early dementia. It orientates them in time with a clock and diary screen. It assists with daily appointments and events with reminders and alarms. It facilitates contact with relatives, friends and carers, as well as dementia services. It includes a reverse dictionary for lost language. It links to tracking devices to find lost belongings eg. keys, wallet. It has maps and localisation services, with falls and wandering functions for safety. It has a memory box for treasured memories, cards, letters and photos. It has relaxation activities including mindfulness, breathing and visualisation. It has exercise and lifestyle screens, with seated exercise, tai chi and gentle routines. It has call buttons for emergency services, and links to medical and dementia care. It has home safety functions to ensure that the individual is safe.

How does it work?

PAD works on mobile phones or can be situated on a TV screen in a person’s home. It can be used by the individuals with dementia or by their families or carers. It will eventually have voice-activated commands and link to GPS for navigation. It assists with all the daily challenges experienced by individuals with dementia.

Meet the team

Why vote for Personal Assistant for Dementia (PAD)?

We think people should vote for our team as this is an original idea. Dementia is a huge global problem and the quality of life and independence of individuals with this condition is paramount. PAD has the potential to greatly improve quality of life and encourage independence of individuals in their own homes for the longest time possible.

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