Never Forget

A digital friend for carers of people living with Dementia

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Students aged 13-15 from West Bromwich Collegiate Academy.

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What is your product and who is it for?

Our app is Never Forget and has been created for patients and carers of people with dementia and mental health conditions.

So, what gave us the idea for Never Forget? Cal said, "My gran was and still is suffering from dementia and we as a family did not know how to support her or help her. My Mum was at a loss of how to help her and there was very little support from doctors or any other services. My Mum would research but it took her a long time. Awful things would happen like putting vanish stain remover in her tea and my mum felt at a loss at how to prevent these things from happening."

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

Having something like Never Forget, where the advice from the whole internet is found and amalgamated quickly using AI would benefit people like my mum to be supported as a carer.

On the other side of things, my Gran was also a person needing support. Often because of the nature of dementia, it can be quite a scary process for the patient, and they might need support and advice themselves without having to rely on family – often it can be quite embarrassing for them to admit some things that are happening to them.

How does your product solve the problem?

Our product solves problems by giving people a place where they can show their feeling and explain why they are feeling this way, gives them a chat setting so they talk to an AI to give them advice, and also helpful links.

Our app helps our users by giving them information on how to deal with dementia and how to support family members or friends. Our app also helps the patient or carers with AI support and links from professionals, to support the emotional wellbeing of the patient and carer.

How does it work?

When they press the mood page, it will send them to a place where they can choose their feelings and it will show a reassuring message. If they press the tip’n’chat, they will be able to talk to an AI about their feelings and ask for advice. The support page will show helpful links and the settings will help the customer change the app for their preferences.

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Why vote for Never Forget?

We believe that our app will benefit many people living with dementia as 994,000 people in the UK need support.

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