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Manar Chtioui (13) from St Marylebone CE School.

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What is your product and who is it for?

My app is for students who are seeking motivation or would like to increase their drive. Using MindSpace will incentivise and allow them to structure their study sessions while using online resources and sharing information with their teachers.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

My app was inspired by my previous struggle to find motivation to study, where revising for all subjects felt overwhelming and I did not have structure or know where to start. Therefore, this app is important to me as it will provide others with the same principles, through in-app features, that allowed me to become more organised and productive.

How does your product solve the problem?

Many students lose confidence in their ability since they believe that they are incapable of studying at home, when the main obstacle is in fact their revision technique. MindSpace solves this problem by empowering and motivating students to study, along with increasing their self-confidence to achieve their goals. It also informs teachers of the topics that students are struggling with, since many may find it especially difficult to articulate their weaknesses. This will allow students to see their great potential. Building a positive student community on this app will also allow students to support each other during what can be a stressful time, thus improving their wellbeing and increasing their understanding by receiving clarification on topics from like-minded students.

How does it work?

My app uses multiple features such as AI and online resources. By supporting students through each step of their study, they will better understand their syllabus and will be actively learning about the revision process that is the most productive for them.

I have also taken the aesthetics of MindSpace into careful consideration. The colour blue psychologically represents the feeling of calmness and relaxation to help motivate the student, which allows students to navigate any overwhelming emotions while studying. Another colour that I have used is orange, which subconsciously encourages feelings of happiness and enthusiasm, which can motivate the student to carry on with their work and will establish a healthy relationship with formal education.

Additionally, for further motivation, my app has a reward system. Students are able to collect in-app rewards for each study session that is completed successfully. An example of an in-app feature is the ability to customise your lock screen. Lastly, MindSpace allows teacher subscriptions to be made. Students can interact with their peers and teachers through a study room, in order to support other like-minded students and ask for assistance from teachers. This feature will also provide clarity for teachers regarding the topics their students are most struggling with during independent study.

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Why vote for MindSpace?

My app will empower students who are struggling with their studies; this applies to students of all ages and education levels. After selecting your age when first signing-up, MindSpace will provide you with resources depending on your needs and level of study. People should vote for my app because it helps a wide variety of people in their educational ability, self-confidence and wellbeing. Additionally, all features of MindSpace have been taken into careful consideration, including the incorporation of subconscious encouragement.

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