Connecting climate changers through education and community

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Iesha and Shannon, both aged 14 from Putteridge High School.

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What is your product and who is it for?

Our product is named EcoMingle, and it is an application that lends a helping hand to aspiring activists by assisting them in a straight forward way to start their journey to helping save our planet with their local community safely, whilst being a program that is accessible for all ages.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

EcoMingle was inspired by many other apps and ideas generated from our own minds and others. We were inspired by the educational websites our school provided us and apps like Duolingo and the game, Pou. These ideas were important to us as they influenced the reliability of our facts, the user interface and guide of our app, as well the games.

How does your product solve the problem?

Our product solves the issue of lack of action and awareness between the younger and older generations. EcoMingle serves to be the start of a journey for many who want to start fighting for a change, creating the start for future climate activists.

It creates a positive impact on the planet through encouraging others to develop their own action of activism, whether it be through boycotting, challenging themselves, volunteering - EcoMingle gives you the choice.

How does it work?

Our app has multiple features that are appealing to all ages. Some features include a comprehensive sustainability guide, entertaining mini games revolving around activism, a points system used to purchase accessories and design our mascot, and a way for people to host community volunteering events.

Meet the team

Why vote for EcoMingle?

People should vote for our team because our unique selling point is that, unlike other apps in this industry that primarily support those already engaged in activism, we offer something different; EcoMingle encourages people who aren’t already activists to start supporting the planet.

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