Check if it's a good time to go to the shops from the home

About Q-Pid

Q-Pid was created by Alaisdair, aged 12 from Dunoon Grammar School in Scotland.

Tired of waiting in queues when buying what you need? Q-Pid is designed to help you see if it's a good time to go to the shops from the comfort of home.

How did you come up with the idea for Q-Pid?

Due to Covid-19, queuing is now part of everyday life. The huge line-ups outside supermarkets make shopping a long and stressful experience. This inspired me to create Q-PID – enabling people to check store occupancy and queuing times from the comfort of their own home to find the best time to shop.

How did you go about developing the solution?

My first step was to find a way of accurately counting the number of shoppers in or outside a store at any one time. The installation of nano lasers at store entrances/exits was the answer, coupled with the use of outdoor cameras. I then had the idea of presenting this data in a user-friendly app.

How does Q-Pid work?

Q-PID consists of an app plus sensors and cameras installed in shops. The sensors count every person entering or leaving the shop to determine occupancy levels. Q-PID also uses cameras to calculate queue lengths. It gathers this data and provides real-time information on waiting times to app users.

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Why should your product win it’s category and why should people vote for you in the People’s Choice Award?

My product can help to make the daily lives of the whole community easier by saving time and reducing the stress of shopping for essentials. This universal benefit offered by Q-PID makes it a real app for good. This is why I believe my product deserves to win.

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