Kiril Pokutnyy

Kiril Pokutnyy

Co-Owner at Worldwide Innovation Technologys


App dev: User experience App dev: Business models App dev: Marketing

More than five years I am tracking world advanced technologies in Education, Healthcare, Food production, Automation and Robotics, Energy, Space, and of course Computer Technologies. The speeds of technology evolution in these areas are impressive. Also impresses the fact that Ukraine is located in the side of this development. Ukraine has one of the highest indices of education and great potential, but the same time country with a low-tech industries and underdeveloped infrastructure. I think it is achievable to become the most developed in terms of technology for Ukraine. In times of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has been a leader in space and cybernetics, and now in top countries of IT outsource. Ukraine needs a development strategy based on the idea of improving the educational process for the next generation with accent on advanced technologies and methodologies, I think it could turn Ukraine leader for ten - fifteen years.

Volunteer in Code Club - coding clubs for children aged 9-11
Curating interactive lab in Kiev Polytechnic Institute
Co-founder (Interactive solutions and software development)
Working on a project of Innovation Space for Youth (Toolkit for Makerspaces)

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