Joakim Lindbom

Joakim Lindbom



Technical & data feasibility Public speaking

Latest years, areas such as the Internet of Everything, crowd-everything, Quantified Self, Makers, All-channel Experience and the Bring Your Own trends have been in particular interest, but I started early with commercial programming at age 14. I have worked as a consultant in Capgemini since I was brought in at 18; in most roles from system operator, system programmer to architect and the past 13 years in different leadership and business development roles.

Being sector agnostic, I've spend 20+ years in Logistics and 10+ years in Finance, but Manufacturing, Telecom, Environment, Public and more sectors are not unfamiliar to me.

- I was a founding member of Capgemini Architecture Services, now Nordic representative in the Global Architecture Community Council and Global Certification Board.
- I was the CTO for Capgemini Sweden for 5 years.
- I have been working with legacy modernisation the last 10 years.
- In the 80s I designed and developed integration middleware that still today is in full operation for several Swedish and European companies, constituting the back bone of these companies.
- During the dotcom era I worked for one of the major, hyped, global dot com businesses in the UK. - Current responsibilities include application rationalisation and modernisation, and I'm member of the global WARP Squad.

I've often been very early into new technology and approaches, like enterprise integration in 1987, open source in 1992, Internet B2B solutions in 1993, IT architecture in 1995, Enterprise Architecture & Legacy Modernisation around the latest fin de siècle and Cloud Computing in 2009.

I often do public presentations at seminars and fairs, publicising at the corporate BTech blog and in local IT magasines; I'm as well an often requested trainer at the Capgemini corporate university.

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