Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

CEO / Developer at Soluble

United Kingdom

Idea screening User & market insight Technical & data feasibility User experience

I have over 25 years experience in the computer games industry, the first 10 were spent as an independent, writing for BBC Micro, Amiga and Atari ST platforms. I completed over 20 SKUs, many of which topped the charts for their platforms, all written entirely in 6502 and 68000 machine code. I also created all the graphics and sound for those titles.

After a few years break as a composer and musician (including some work for Tyne Tees TV) I returned to games programming, and within a year founded the Newcastle development studio for Rage plc, managing it for 9 years. Our major titles include "Expendable" (PC, PSX) and licenced games based on the "Rocky" movies (Xbox, PS2).

In 2004 I co-founded Venom Games as an independently-owned studio to work on "Rocky: Legends (Xbox, PS2)" for Ubisoft which was released Sept 2004. We then became part of Take 2 Interactive, which provided us the opportunity to move onto the emerging "next gen" platforms. We moved into new premises in July 2005 and expanded our head count to 30. For 2K we handled the simultaneous conversion of "Prey" from PC into a successful Xbox360 title, and developed an original game, "Don King Presents: Prizefighter" for Xbox360, which brought a new means of conveying narrative to the fighting game genre through the medium of a filmed sports documentary.

I became Executive Producer at Eutechnyx for 18 months from December 2008, then in August 2010 I set up Soluble Apps, my own microstudio targeting iPhone and iPad apps and games.

Our first products were released on the App Store in January 2011. We currently have six titles on the App Store, our most complex product is "ShotList", which helps movie producers organise scripts into production schedules.

Our flagship product. "MailShot," has been the top search result for "group email" on the App Store for over 18 months. It now has over 200,000 users and its userbase is still expanding each month.

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