rao fu

rao fu

United Kingdom

App dev: Marketing

Firstly, I really like your ideas to create a new generation of digital makers: problem-solvers and tech entrepreneurs.

Secondly, I really want to join you to inspire young generation since they are the future of our world and the traditional education is killing their creativity.

Finally, I believe that I am competent for this volunteer job. I have working experience in IT company. Although I am not in charge of developing apps, I am good at exploring the customs' need and communicate with our software engineers. My major job is to manage the whole project. Additionally, I create my own company in china. we sold infant products online. we have our own online shop. Some products are imported from Japan and UK, some are our own brand. we have product designers, cooperative factories. Our revenue and gross profit is good. I know how to access our potential customs. I can give them some entrepreneurs experience, such as finding market, finding competitive advantages.

I have noticed that your goal is a global technology education movement. Maybe I can help you to develop this project in china. To be honest, in China, we also have great IT companies, but we nearly don't have IT education. So if you have any plan about extending your project to China, Please contact me. I will do what I can do for you.

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