Daniel Mullings

Daniel Mullings

Director at Techembrace

United Kingdom

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My goal in life is to:

Enhance understanding through technology of how students can acquire the digital skills necessary to enhance their employability and identify which professional learning experiences (including practice) are most useful and valuable to them.

To use iPads and tablets to assess, update, design and delivery of targeted teaching and learning strategies. This process of seeking and interpreting evidence to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there is known as ‘assessment for learning.'

Researching and delivering digital literacy courses and producing good and innovative results by way of effectively setting challenging and interesting lessons and schemes of work. As a Technology consultant, I am heavily reflecting on my practice and am constantly engaged in innovating and trying things differently with a single aim of developing students, myself and staff towards personal goals whilst incorporating organisational and educational objectives.

In September 2012, I started an iPad share scheme as experience has taught me to help people to feel more confident about iPads in education we needed to put in place some assurances, so I take my iPads to them.

In my books that I have written for the hospitality and catering courses are available from my web site.

Specialties: Advising teachers / lecturers how to use tablet technology to teach, collaborate, research and co-ordinate their activities. An important aspect of this project has been to see how mobile technology can support the hearing impaired, including deaf students, dysfunctional students, teaching and service delivery in non-classroom settings: and specialist locations.

I build personalized iPad eBooks /iBook Publication Applications for publishing books to the students.

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