Ami Bloomer

Ami Bloomer

Founder & CEO at The Crowd Works

United Kingdom

App dev: Marketing

Founder and CEO of Give What You're Good At (GWYGA). GWYGA is a global for professionals who want to make a difference.

95% of professionals return to undertake another project with us.

64% of participants (on our L&D programmes) report doing their job better.

GWYGA generates revenue offline through a range of award winning learning and development solutions. We bridge the gap between learning and doing. Training experiences can deliver powerful learning, but then... no nothing, no application, no follow though on commitment, and not, surprisingly, no results. This negative aspect of training is widespread, deep and broad - combating it is the basis of all GWYGA training programmes.

Our community based services demonstrate 30% improved outcomes against traditional training. Clients include Aviva, Pfizer and Nationwide Building Society.
Join us as an associate for OTE of £65k. Apply under jobs at

My next big venture The Crowd Works is changing the way we find work and putting recruitment pounds/dollars in the ordinary persons pocket.

I am passionate about creating game changing businesses, which are customer focused, help the community and use leading edge technology. I pride myself on creating fun places to work, breading innovation, entrepreneurial zest and creativity. I enjoy working outside my comfort zone, employing and managing people, design, creativity, strategic thinking, selling, high-growth, being financially responsible, running several businesses, reinvesting, and philanthropy.

- Translating networked technologies into positive community action
- Businesses which balance profitably with social conscious.
- Achieving the impossible

- Social injustice
- Short-term thinking
- People who think profits and making a difference are mutually exclusive

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