Andy Davis

Andy Davis

Co-founder at 2Nyt

United Kingdom

User experience Business models

"There's only one fun way to learn."

Co-founder of On2Nyt. Digitizing a cool industry that hasn't been revolutionized technologically yet.

Infinity Sports Development. Co-ran a social enterprise dedicated to providing healthy and sporting opportunities for young people in Newman and Barking and Dagenham. Work recognized by The Big Society and 10 Downing Street. Barking and Dagenham Social Business of the Year 2010 Finalist.

Co-founder of Raised £15,000. Formed a great team. Being the biggest footy fan, I realized the footy world wasn't missing anything online, so blew the final whistle in December 2011.

Being very smart and fearless * Having great market/user-perspective * Biz/Rev strategies * Fundraising * UI/UX * Footy knowledge

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