Martin Staniforth

Martin Staniforth

Consultant at Laughing Phoenix

United Kingdom

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I facilitate brand owners to improve the competitiveness of their businesses by developing appropriate 'Purposeful Positioning'.

What is Purposeful Positioning? Something at the core of your company / brand that goes beyond addressing functional consumer needs and helps answer questions like:

- “How does this brand make the world a better place?”
- “How does buying this product / service show my support for issues in the wider world?”

Brands that can provide more fulfilment (i.e. beyond functional needs), and communicate this in an inspiring way, are rewarded by consumers and employees.

A bit about Laughing Phoenix:
- guides a creative process to find a Purposeful Pulse (TM)
- works through a 5-step programme, alongside existing agency partners
- brings together brands, opinion leaders, NGOs, as appropriate
- delivers leadership / team development components
- experience includes FMCG, automotive, athletics

Specialties: Facilitation; Purposeful Positioning consultancy and implementation

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