Priya Prakash

Priya Prakash

Founder at Design for Social Change (D4SC)

United Kingdom

App dev: User experience App dev: Business models Public speaking

Goal: Making the ordinary extraordinary.

Priya enjoys designing for billions of people and believes technology needs to be inclusive to change lives. She is passionate about shipping design with a purpose which creates lasting social impact in our daily lives.

A board level product design director with 12 years of new product development experience both in corporate to startups, she has led the creation of Nokia Asha Touch phones, BBC iPlayer (iMP), BBC Mobile services, Trusted Places, the Digital Wellbeing Showroom, Sugarscape, and re-design of Flirtomatic, from scratch. Her user experience designs have contributed in significantly increasing share prices, consumer engagement, won industry awards, changed business models, opened up new markets and revenue streams due to their differentiating brand personality.

Her typical way of working is by building, leading and motivating ninja multidisciplinary teams for a product mission, while personally contributing to the development and IP of cross-platform products. Top talent gets attracted to her team as they know they get to challenge the current industry status quo, ask hairy questions and come up with truly disruptive designs where everyone feels they have pushed the boundary, given their best and still have fun. She loves to ship great design and "get stuff done" despite challenging budgets or time.

Currently she is engaged in starting a social impact design incubator/matchmaking platform. Also she is helping setup the first mobile design course at UCL for Mobile Monday London for startups and business interested in getting into mobile.
Prakash is a RSA fellow with a MA in Interaction Design from Royal College of Art and holds patents for iPlayer and Nokia Asha phones.

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