Frank Meehan

Frank Meehan

CEO at Kuato Studios

United Kingdom

User experience Business models

Founder and CEO, Kuato Studios, a new company backed by Stanford Research Institute (SRI - creators of Siri) and Horizons Ventures, which is focused on helping kids be inspired to learn the skills of the future - coding, science, graphic design etc

Listed in the top 100 Wired UK list for 2012.

Previously on the board of Spotify, and on the board of Siri prior to the acquisition by Apple in 2010.

Entrepreneur In Residence at Horizons Ventures VC. Based in London, HK and SF. Previously on the boards of Summly, Affectiva, Fixmo, DoubleTwist, Desti, Ginger Software and

Founded and led INQ Mobile from 2008 - 2011. Won Best Handset award with "INQ1" at MWC 2009 Barcelona. The team also pioneered a lot of early integration between internet and mobile communications when we developed the "3 Skypephone" with Skype, iSkoot and Qualcomm, released back in 2007.

Originally a software coder and troubleshooter with Ericsson, and a strong technical and product orientated background in mobile.

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