Raj Dhonota

Raj Dhonota

Investor & Entrepreneur at Various Companies

United Kingdom

App dev: User & market insight App dev: Technical & data feasibility App dev: User experience App dev: Business models App dev: Marketing Public speaking

I am a serial entrepreneur with a background in creating, building and investing in start-ups that deliver real business value and competitive edge for their intended users or clients. I have a particular interest in businesses that can take advantage of the global market as well as emerging economies.

Among my several positions I am presently a Director at Igniva Solutions which is a software/web development and online marketing company providing services to clients directly as well as virtual teams and resources to other software development and online marketing companies across the globe that need the ability to rapidly right size their business according to their needs.

I have a passion for helping individuals achieve their life goals through business and am in the process of launching a unique range of businesses that allow individuals to earn the level of income they need to in order to achieve their life’s dreams and which also let businesses in the property and ecommerce industries take advantage of new and emerging economies to increase their sales and revenues. At the same time, I am able to leverage my existing resources to help people set up their own business with no or minimal amounts of investment.

Finally, I believe in corporate responsibility and that businesses should do what is right for our environment. I therefore donate a minimum 10% of profits from my businesses to increasing the well-being of humankind. I believe I am not alone in wanting to improve our world for future generations and have therefore founded The Caring Enterprise scheme for like-minded businesses.

Specialties: software development, entrepreneurism, innovation, mentoring, global business strategy, marketing, branding, growth, cost reduction, innovation, increasing profitability, helping the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

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