Jeffrey de Vito

Jeffrey de Vito

CEO at ScreenSpeak Studios

United States

App dev: User experience App dev: Business models

If “passionate” is another way of saying what turns us on, then the matrices of where linguistics, pedagogy and cultural "content" weave with creative brilliance and design rigor to make the stuff of great, enduring learning materials... well, that’s what I love, pencil or pixels.

I run a Makers lab bristling with superdiverse, intimidatingly smart, creative, well caffeinated humans in the learning, art/design, develop (code) & digital production disciplines. I advise/consult, talent swap and occasionally money down on new ventures, and welcome collaboration with any folk that wish to share, show me, or visa-versa.

Our goals as a design studio may be audacious, ambitious, at least auspiciously timed in this moment of digitalia to deliver technologically "honest" learning materials, content rich, affordable, simple, infinitely usable. Communicative confidence & cultural awareness - the knowledge that is a "deeper" learn and a gesture towards peace and prosperity through mutual understanding and respect - that’s the pay off.

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