Uberto Barbini

Uberto Barbini

Senior Software Engineer at Adfonic Ltd

United Kingdom

Technical & data feasibility

* Agile Evangelist, test infected
* Java Architect and Developer
* Coach and Team leader (Scrum Kanban)
* Open source contributor and supporter
* Technical author and speaker

tech in which I'm an expert:
Gwt, Hibernate, Spring, Maven, Google app engine, Osgi
other tech used: iBatis, Junit, TestNg, Dom4j, ehcache, c3p0, dbcp, Jenkins, dbUnit, Xslt, guice, memcache, Gson

Other languages I'm familiar with:
Python, Ruby, Groovy, Clojure, JavaScript, ObjectC, Haskell, Io

Oracle, MySql

DataNucleous, Couchdb, Mongodb (ufficial 10 gen course).

with Marco Cantu, Mastering Kylix 2 - Sybex Inc - 2002
with Nando Dessena, Laboratorio di Delphi - Apogeo Editore - 2000

Many papers on the basics of programming and on Delphi advanced topics for Italian computer magazines.

* Teacher and Speaker

recent talks:

BeJug Bruxelles June 2012 "Boost your OOP with FP"
4Developers Poland April 2012 "The State and the Quality"
IAD Roma 2011 "Boost your OOP with FP"
Accu 2011 "TDD with Gwt"
JaxLondon 2011 Spring "The effective team"
Webtech Milano 2010 "cool web2.0 apps with gwt 2.0"

In December 2006 ‘Strategic and tactical Refactoring’ at Milano for the XPUG-MI

July 2006 Testing with Fitnesse at the European Summer School of Agile Programming at Varese, for the University of Insubria. (http://essap.dicom.uninsubria.it/)

Italian Agile Day 2004 (UnitTesting in Delphi)

Italian Agile AgileDay 2005 (Agile in Italian Public Administration) (http://www.agileday.it/) .

From 2001 to 2003 I did the laboratory part of the course of Informatica A (Basic Computer Science) under Professor Gini at the Politecnico University in Milano.

Member of
xpug-mi (Extreme Programming User Group Milano)
jug-mi (Java User Group Milano).

* Open Source author
Several projects on sourceforge, including FractalForge. +100000 downloads

On Github:
tsumego framework for refactoring dojo
yuzu framework gwt app for financial app
iad clojure rest api server in Clojure

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