Raj Adgopul

Raj Adgopul

Specialist in Public Health at Self-employed

United Kingdom

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As a specialist in Public Health my interest has always lain in preventing health problems in a wide range of social contexts, and improving health and life for people for the long term. I began my career in India, but for the last 10 years I have been living and working in the UK, working within the NHS as well as with various healthcare based companies on a wide range of projects.

Despite being based in the UK, I have kept strong contacts in India, and continue to work with a variety of Indian companies providing consultancy, problem-solving and development advice for international work. One of my key skills is helping companies bridge the issues brought up by the differences in business culture and practice between India and the West. I pride myself in getting projects moving when no one else thought it was possible, and finding partner companies for clients to successfully create international business opportunities.

My most recent project has been to successfully run a tele-health pilot for a UK company, which involved sending data from India to a UK server and back in "real time" to the GP in India. Working with Vodofone's Global Enterprise business solutions with international machine-to-machine sims, we achieved something which has not been done before in India. The project enters it's next stage later this year, and is set to revolutionise the healthcare market in India.

While working in a recruitment capacity I have helped successfully forge partnerships between UK universities and partner institutions in India to create academic opportunities for UK and Indian students. I orchestrated the recruitment of large numbers of Indian nurses for the UK and the Netherlands using tele-screening techniques and working with partner agencies such as the Nursing council of India and the most prestigious private hospitals.

I see myself as the go-to man for those wishing to do business between India and the West.

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