Yannick Jolliet

Yannick Jolliet

Founder & orchestrator at weCHANGE.world


App dev: Idea screening App dev: User & market insight App dev: Technical & data feasibility App dev: User experience App dev: Business models

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In 2010 after turning 38, I retired from my corporate career & radically transformed my life:
▹ moved to Ticino (Italian part of Switzerland) to live there a simple & focused Spiritual life
▹ became a Social Entrepreneur, giving back to others in many ways
▹ enjoy doing some Freelancing & travelling through the World
My life is now focused on 5 core pillars:

► 1. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: creator of a Global online Platform for Social & Environmental change [--​> www.ChangeMakers.world ]
► 2. SHARING & GIVING BACK: organising Spiritual Travels & Seminars, actively engaging into multiple associations & NGOs [--​> www.Presence-and-Consciousness.com ]
► 3. YOGA & SPIRITUALITY: creator of "7d YOGA"​, deepening my experience of the Mystery Life [--​> www.7d-Yoga.com ]
► 4. BOOK WRITING: writing spiritual novels untitled "Ludivine"​ [--​> www.myLudivine.com ]
► 5. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING as Freelancer [--​> www.Active-Knowledge.net]

More info about these 5 facets in the "Experience section" just below...

Prior to this shift, my whole corporate carer was focused around:
• Knowledge & Information Management
• Information Management Governance
• Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Warm thanks to all the great people I met during my 15 years career! You enriched me more that you could know... Many thanks also for your kind recommendations & feedbacks (must be logged in to see them): I owe you drinks ;-)

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