John Lilley

John Lilley

CEO at Gamewagon Ltd

United Kingdom

App dev: Marketing

We live in a world where it is difficult to get people's attention and satisfy their need for experiences that they will enjoy, remember and promote. Everyday we drown in a mass of information and dis-information, and this causes most marketing professionals a real headache. Getting results is challenging, getting ROI is near impossible.

Despite this, I am able to deliver unique and impactful events, training and experiences that touch the hearts and minds of an audience. Whether you call it Education, Entertainment or just plain fun we engage kids and adults in fun and memorable ways.

Much of what we do is based around the use of a custom built fleet of video game wagons that can be conveniently branded and distributed in a timely manner for special events but also as mobile classrooms and learning theatres.

• Ongoing Engaging / Compelling Party Events - to strengthen customer relationships and create new ones.
• Edutainment – Coding clubs for kids to help widen their opportunities for future careers.
• Resource augmentation – pool of Game experience managers available to create, plan and execute events and classes cost effectively.
• Experiential Marketing – creating fun, unique and memorable experiences.

We make gaming better by bringing people together.

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