João Correia de Freitas

João Correia de Freitas

Assistant Professor and Vice President at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Nova University of Lisbon) and Ordem dos Biólogos (Biologists professional body)


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I'm a Biologist by training (1981), which began his professional carreer as a secondary teacher (1979)
In 1985 I joined the first ICT in Education initiative in Portugal (Project MINERVA, 1985-94) and from then on this has been my main area of interest, teaching and researching: Educational Technology. I was also involved on implementing ICT at my university (e-Campus, 1992-1996).
I was lucky enough to be part of two other nation wide initiatives of educational ICT (Internet at School, Min. Science and Technology, 1996-2003 and Computers, Networks and Internet at School, Min-. Education, 2005-2007).
In 2007 upon returning to the university I was nominated to the e-Learning Laboratory of my college, which is what I presently do along with educational technology and e-learning classes (BSc, MSc and PhD levels).

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