Demetrio Gil

Demetrio Gil

Director at Siberia.

United Kingdom

App dev: Idea screening App dev: User & market insight App dev: Business models App dev: Marketing

I’m a digital specialist. I work across both digital products and digital marketing.

I’m great at understanding user needs and business opportunities, shaping them into a simple vision, then working hard to make them into digital products and programs that people want, and that have measurable outcomes.

I love working in the intersection of design, technology and business.

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked in London, Sydney & Melbourne with luxury lifestyle and travel brands, leading FMCG and manufacturing companies, and fitness, hospitality and airline sectors.

I’m also part of two start-ups in my spare time. They’re in private beta. Buy me a coffee and I’ll give you a demo.

Specialties: digital strategy, product strategy, product management, project management, account management, business development, content marketing

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