Gavin Starks

Gavin Starks

CEO at Open Data Institute

United Kingdom

App dev: Business models


• Pioneer new industries, products and services
• Build highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams, combining business, technology, media, and science
• Learn through creative and disruptive collaboration, and transform understanding into value


Created four highly creative and disruptive businesses (AMEE, d::gen network, Tornado, exequo), and co-founded three more (CI, International Webcasting Association, Hermitage Moorings).

Was the 5th team member at Branson's "Virgin Net” in 1995, helping to create dozens of content channels, their ISP, their search engine (including selecting Google in 1999), and putting Virgin Radio, KissFM, ClassicFM, Virgin Megastores and Virgin Atlantic online.

Delivered successful projects with very diverse organisations including UK Government, Channel Four, Rolls Royce, the Tate Modern, EMI, AOL, Shell, and Unicef.

Helped to kick-start the streaming media industry in Europe.

Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, contribute to Nesta/PAL workshops, the AmbientTV collective and Acoustic Space Lab in Latvia.


• BSc in Astronomy – worked at Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory
• Master's in Computer-Music – lectured at Glasgow University
• Qualified skipper – own a historic ship

Current projects

+ - CEO
+ - founder
+ - founder
+ - owner
+ - co-founder
+ - music, released internationally
+ mentoring founders/CEOs in the media, product and space industries

- (CEO / Managing Director)
- (Creator / owner)
- (Strategy and Execution)
- (CTO)
- (Founder, owner)
- (Technical and Media Strategy)
- (Experimental Officer)

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