Paul Dawson

Paul Dawson

Partner - Experience Design & Innovation at Fluxx Ltd.

United Kingdom

App dev: Idea screening App dev: User & market insight App dev: User experience App dev: Marketing Public speaking

I am an experienced hand in the digital business, having done 'new media' since it was actually new, and I've developed a huge amount of experience across a wide range of disciplines & industries.

If I have to have a clear focus it's customer experience in its totality, stemming from the Total Experience Design philosophy I've helped develop over the last few years. Where I've mostly brought this to life has been in eCommerce projects, and other digital touchpoints from airport kiosks to new natural user interface devices.

Back in 1996 I found myself working between technical and marketing agencies, and fighting to control the tension! So, when I joined Conchango in 1999 I wanted us to be a truly integrated agency that considered 'design' as a holistic discipline that relied as much on the underlying technology being right, as it did on a polished user experience and a shining brand experience.

I've worked with some amazing brands at the highest levels, looking at digital strategy, customer experience, and their innovation practices. In addition, I built up a user experience design and branding team that in 2006 and every year since, is recognised by Forrester as being clear leaders in Europe for user-centred design and branding.

I also love public speaking at conferences. Mostly I talk about Total Experience Design or the practice of innovation, but you can always rely on me to develop an (informed & entertaining) opinion about anything.

I'm also an industry commenter in UK & global Press, mostly in print, but also TV.

Finally, I like to write, and am published in a number of print and digital publications, including The Sun, believe it or not.

Here's me in featured during my role at Conchango in .NET magazine:

Clients & work I've been most proud of include:
Virgin Atlantic, BMW, Barclays, Virgin Media, B&Q, Tesco, Virgin Media, NEXT, Harrods, BMI, DHL, Barclaycard & Virgin Galactic.

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