Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch

Founder at Curlew Research

United Kingdom

App dev: Idea screening App dev: User & market insight App dev: Technical & data feasibility App dev: Business models Public speaking Careers talks

I have a strong background in translating the needs of researchers and scientists into informatics tools and business change using new technologies and approaches.
I have a broad experience in R&D including screening, cheminformatics, mhealth options and strategy, emerging translational informatics and pre-competitive activities plus numerous years of informatics/IT experience. I am interested in providing researchers and scientists greater access to all forms of information from within and outside their core organisation through collaborations with goal of delivering better research. I have nearly 2 decades of industry experience managing highly technical software engineers, computational workflows and teams of IT professionals.

Externally I have been active in a range of pre-competitive initiatives over the last few years, including being a founding member of the Pistoia Alliance along with a number of industry colleagues, various EBI industry programmes and IMI OpenPhacts. In 2014 my focus is on delivering the next phase of the Pistoia Alliance growth and in working with the UK E-infrastructure Leadership Council (ELC) in their work.

Outside of work I enjoy cycling in the Peak District, and elsewhere plus play tennis and squash in leagues. I am also active in our local community working on town regeneration projects within Macclesfield, Barnaby Festival and with Depaul UK working with young people.

Specialities: R&D strategy, Informatics, Change Management, Pre-competitive collaboration, IT strategy, Outsourcing, Mentoring and Coaching

Contact details: at

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